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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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kill and should be kept in jail until his murder trial. the shooting is front page news across south africa. >> i'm feeling for both the family's because it must be extremely traumatic for them. >> reporter: pistorius' murder trial is likely still months away. tina kraus, cbs news. nike is suspending its sportswear contract with oscar pistorius. the "l.a. times" reports this morning major league baseball has given the oakland as some tentative guidelines for a potential move down south to san jose. the story does not mention any specific guidelines but it appears they do not address the big roadblock the san francisco giants claimed a territorial rights in santa clara county. still this would be the first significant move from the baseball commissioner's office since the committee was set up
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to explore the issue a few years ago. san jose city leaders say they have no interest in competing against san francisco to host the 2024 summer olympics. if either city decides to bid, here's what it takes to win. first, a budget of at least $3 billion. that's on top of venue construction costs. other requirements, a village for 16,500 athletes, 45,000 hotel rooms, and a workforce equal to half the population of oakland. another high-profile sporting event facing money trouble in san francisco. taxpayers may need to float a loan because america's cup is under water. fundraising efforts have fallen short of expectations. san francisco another $30 million. it's raised $14 million so far from private donors but it's having trouble getting more. >> there is a huge full-court press that was on elected officials. i think some of elected officials were probably in on the game, as well. that was to try to move forward
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an event that served the 1% of this world with boaters internationally. made conditions on approval based on their raising money. >> another big problem only 3 boats out of the 12 have committed to the race. the smaller event may mean san francisco will make less money than expected. dozens of homeless people are being warned that they are going to have to clear out of their camp in the south bay. san jose officials plan to move in next month to clear a tent city on land south of mineta international airport. shantytown is so busy that people flying over it have complained. about 100 people living in the 40 tents many of them arrived last month after a nearby encampment was shut down. >> you move them in one spot and they pop up in another spot. frustrating? >> it's frustrating but it's part of the process. we have to be consistent as i said in our application in how
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we work with people. if we continue to work, i think everyone at the city believes we'll have long-term positive results. >> the clean-up scheduled to start march 4 could cost the city $40,000. we are getting a look at three men police want to find in connection with a triple homicide in sonoma county. the sheriff released photos from ad have i don't taken at a gas station -- a video from a gas station taken in st. helena. they were driving a beige colored ford ranger that also may be involved in a drug deal gone bad earlier this month. the main suspect mark cappello was arrested in mobile, alabama on valentine's day. he will eventually be extradited to sonoma county to face charges. the bodies of three men were found in a house in a remote area of forestville february 5. there was blood, no weapon, but a small amount of marijuana. santa cruz police are
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searching for a man who shot a college student in the head. the 21-year-old woman was at a bus stop on the natural bridges drive near delaware street. police releasing a composite sketch. other suspect -- a $5,000 reward for information. the woman from the east bay was shot then robbed in spite of her wound to her skull though doctors say they expect her to make a full recovery. a santa cruz couple fought off two robbers who invaded their home about 4:30 yesterday morning on poplar avenue. yarry gonzalez says he and his wife and two daughters were awakened by the intruders. he says the robbers seemed incompetent giving him and his wife the courage to fight back. >> she picks up one of our heating bags here and she chucks it at the back of weasel's head, the smaller guy who is wielding at this point a decorative sword from my wall and a screwdriver. i started engaging the bigger guy, thug, while my wife is fighting with weasel.
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>> oh, boy. gonzalez managed to tackle and detain one of the suspects until police arrived although the other got away making off with several items. let's check traffic and weather. can we start talking about the weekend? it's almost here. >> i was ready to talk about the weekend on monday! >> yeah. >> it's looking good. passing clouds today but otherwise looking good not as cold as yesterday morning. we have 30s and 40s around the bay area a few clouds passing by too. the temperatures fairly mild coastside and it's breezy out there, as well. high pressure trying to build back into the bay area but you can see it can't get all the way over the bay area. so even seeing some clouds and more snow flurries into the tahoe area and occasionally some clouds passing in our direction but staying dry. on the cooler side around the bay area for today. average temperatures usually in the low to mid-60s. by this afternoon we'll be a
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little below average about 60 degrees but not too bad in san jose. 58 degrees in san francisco. and 59 degrees in livermore. still just a bit breezy out toward the coast. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. outside yeah just your overnight roadwork out there. we are still not seeing big incidents. it's dry out. so we sent our photographer down to the south bay to show you a live look where traffic is moving at the limit. this is 101 near trimble. 280 is moving fine as well if you are traveling through san jose. elsewhere here's a live look at 880 the nimitz. southbound 880 between embarcadero and fruitvale they got three right lanes blocked until about 5 a.m. so far not causing big delays. more overnight roadwork southbound 101 near the waldo tunnel left lane blocked until 6 a.m. we have that full freeway closure. the eastbound lanes of 4 approaching loveridge road heading into antioch from the
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pittsburg-bay point area. there is a short detour in place. caltrans hopes to pick it up by 5:00 this morning. mass transit no delay. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries are all reporting everything on schedule. that's a first check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. it is 4:38 now. neighbors in san francisco's nob hill area are talking about a proposal to put new limits on nightclubs in the neighborhood there. supervisor david chiu is calling for a ban on new bars along a six-block stretch of polk street. there was a community meeting about it just last night. >> i'm not talking about increasing the number of liquor licenses but we are talking about not increasing the number of establishments selling booze. >> there are 45 alcohol licenses along a six block stretch of polk street. his proposed ban is expected to go to the planning commission next month and then on to the full board of supervisors in the next couple of months. a north bay football coach fired for a sexual hazing
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incident is suing for wrongful termination. saint patrick saint vincent in vallejo fired the head coach and four other coaches last month. the school also expelled five varsity players after a hazing incident in the locker room was reported to the coaches. cerbone was the only coach not reinstated. in other bay area news the man accused of killing a 13- year-old girl in fairfield is due back in court this morning. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones is scheduled to be arraigned for the murder of genelle conway allen. her body was found in a park february 1 and jones was arrested a week later. police think he acted alone. osha is blaming unsafe working conditions for the death of a medical researcher at the san francisco veterans affairs medical center. 25-year-old richard din died last year after handling a rare strain of meningitis bacteria. he was trying to create a vaccine for it. osha says the va failed to properly supervise and protect the researcher. coming up, a valentine's
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day to remember. how a bay area couple's romantic stroll turned in a big test of honesty. >> plus their nightmare voyage could be your ticket to an amazing deal. the best way to get 80% off your next cruise. >> a weatherman steps out of the studio to take a ride in a plane. how he ended up asleep on the job. [ laughter ] >> lawrence, are you watching?
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hitting the midwest today... with warnings covering nearly all of nebraska, kansas and missouri. forecasters are expecting foot of snow in a major storm in the midwest today with warnings covering nebraska, kansas and missouri. forecast, are expecting more than a foot of snow in kansas and check this out. this is a live look at wichita here, and you can see the snow is falling and accumulating there even on the park benches. kansas governor sam brownback has closed the state government and is urging residents to stay off the streets. >> you could get up to 20" of snow on some of the i-70 corridor. and that just really makes
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traveling very, very hazardous. just wisest, just don't go. >> however, many in the area are welcoming the snow since the midwest has been in the middle of a severe drought. check this out. a weatherman in australia was looking for adventure but got more than he bargained for during a live broadcast. aboard a plane, grant hit 8gs and then take a look -- yup -- he passed out. the whole thing unfortunately was caught on live tv. [ laughter ] a typical person can handle a gravitational force of 5 and most pilots do 9. he was out for six or seven seconds. >> i went up in an f-16 and they got us up to 8.6gs and you're in an antigravity suit but your vision goes to zero. you can't see anything. >> you have the blue angels coming to town and that's exactly what they like to do to the media. they offer free rides and then put the camera in your face, next thing you know -- >> why don't you --
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>> i would love to do that! >> i would love to see it! [ laughter ] >> we'll show it every day of the week! >> i know you would. around the bay area we have nice weather coming in our direction. looks like high pressure trying to finally sneak back in here. not a bad start to the day. you have some 30s and some 40s a little breezy at the coastline. by the afternoon we'll see a lot of sunshine and a couple of passing clouds. temperatures running in the 50s and the low 60s. still breezy at the beaches and just inside the bay. that ridge slowly trying to build in but you see not really building in over the whole bay area so you have a couple of passing clouds that are going to slide by. even some snow up in the tahoe area. so we are going to keep things dry here. it's cooler than average. but not bad in toward the afternoon, but we have those winds that will be kicking up especially in the latter part of the day. starting out with clouds early on this morning. throughout the day we'll see a lot of sunshine and then the temperatures going to try and warm up just a little bit from yesterday's highs. not much maybe one to two degrees. if you are traveling around the state still maybe some showers toward overnight roadwork. watch out for snow showers in
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the high country toward lake tahoe. and about 61 degrees should see some sunshine into sacramento. so just about a little bit of everything for everyone today. looks like temperatures around the bay 60 degrees in san jose. 56 and breezy in pacifica. 58 in hayward. east bay numbers running up in the 50s and low 60s. and then as we head inside the bay you'll find 61 degrees today in oakland. 58 in san francisco. and 58 degrees in petaluma. next couple of days, we are looking at some sunshine and a couple of passing clouds. then the weekend looks great. plenty of sunshine coming our way. going to keep things nice and steady no rain in sight for the next five to seven days. liz? >> not bad looking. thank you, lawrence. outside right now, it's pretty much again your overnight roadwork including over at the bay bridge. if you check out the center of your screen, we were going to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. the center of the screen there were some chp cars. anyway, here's a live look at the dublin interchange. and westbound 580 looks good. it's a 14 or 15-minute drive time now coming out of the altamont pass heading through
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livermore. now we have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. and look at this. there is some roadwork going on, some chp cars and flashing lights and something going on right there, as well. so it sounds like several middle lanes are blocked once again towards the pay gates. elsewhere to our maps if you coming down the eastshore freeway westbound 80 still only about 18 minutes. notice all green on our sensors including passing through berkeley. this is a live look near ashby. it continues to move well in the westbound direction down towards the macarthur maze. speed sensors picking up average speeds about 60 miles per hour. elsewhere lane changes right now across the golden gate bridge northbound and southbound but still moving fine between marin and san francisco. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. the defense department says it would have to furlough most ofist 800,000 civilian workers -- of its 800,000 civilian workers if automatic spending cuts kick in on march 1 meaning a 20% decrease in their pay
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between late april and september. the so-called sequester will take place march 1 unless congress can agree on another cost saving budget plan before then. complicating matters now, this is a vacation week for the lawmakers and february ends a week from today. >> i'm hoping that while they're back home they're hearing it from their constituents so when they get back here, they are ready to do some work and we can avoid these automatic spending cuts. >> some economic projections say the sequester would cut at least a half percentage point off economic growth and add a quarter point to the unemployment rate. the obama administration is considering urging the supreme court to overturn california's proposition 8. that's the voter- approved initiative that limits marriage to one man and one woman. during his inaugural address the president mentioned that gays and lesbians must be treated like anyone else under the law. the administration has one week to file a friend of the court brief with the justices. a new poll suggests most of
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californians are pleased with president obama. the field poll finds 62% of the state's voters approve of his job performance. that's a level not seen since his first year in office. the survey also finds 48% say the country is headed in the right direction. there may be a fix for a problem that grounded the dreamliners. reuters reports a senior boeing executive will meet with the faa. the plan is to present a series of measures to prevent the lithium ion battery failures that have caused safety concerns. 787 has been out of service for weeks now including those used for the all nippon airways flights between san jose and tokyo. carnival cruise company now facing a class action lawsuit over the faulty ship that stranded thousands of passengers in the gulf of mexico. they say they should have known the ship could experience mechanical issues as it had in the past. it lost primary power this
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month after an engine fire causing toilets to overflow into public spaces. the entire cruise industry is trying to move past the horror stories from all the carnival triumph cursed voyage. >> kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with how you can cash in on last week's disaster. >> reporter: it's images like these that have travelers rethinking vacations on the highway seas. >> no, i would not take a cruise. >> not again. >> i'm not particularly inclined to suffer through that. >> reporter: travel agent bob romano says the carnival cruise ship disaster came during the "wave season," the time of year people traditionally plan ocean voyages. >> what can i do for the summer? >> reporter: romano says thisser. >> , some cruise lines are trying to help travelers forget the triumph by offering better deals. >> we are kind of seeing i think on carnival especially they are very sensitive about
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the accident. >> reporter: for example, we found carnival discounts are ranging from 53% off a three- night cruise to mexico to 78% off a four-night caribbean cruise. that's less than 50 bucks a day. and they are throwing in upgrades that could land you in a state room. slightly more upscale celebrity cruises is offering discounts of up to 56% off. meanwhile, bob says most higher end companies aren't discounting as much but they are offering more amenities. >> shipboard credits, special promotional airfares, economy up to first class depending on the destination, certain kinds shore excursions. >> reporter: free tipping and parties and free drinks perk that is bob thinks will stick around at least until the triumph fades from the headlines. >> it might last a few months. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> trying to get those upgrades and freebies is easier with a travel agent than booking online because search engines
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won't offer the amenities. >> we should also note that a lot of lower end cruise lines don't charge for extras so figure that in when you see those low rates. would you take a cruise now? >> i don't know. probably. >> i think i probably would. >> probably would. >> it's cheap. why not? can't happen again you would hope. 4:51. one bay area couple's romantic getaway was unforgettable. the couple from vallejo decided to celebrate 30 years of marriage with a dinner in san francisco. they stopped at the golden gate bridge vista point and that's where they found a black bag full of money. >> i started counting the money to see exactly how much it was. $11,062. >> can you imagine? >> they ended up taking the cash to a san francisco police station and that's where they spent their valentine's day evening but it turned out a visitor from china had left the bag. he drove to vallejo to leave a note to thank the couple for
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returning his money. very honest couple there. >> i hope he left more than a note. >> yeah. >> you know? maybe a couple of benjamins in there. it is 4:52 now. bent out of shape, why parents are suing a san diego school over its yoga program. >> looking for a few heroes. how silicon valley tech giants are teaming up to cure the world's ailments. >> and too old for facebook? why one woman is being forced to lie about her age on the social networking site. coming up. st share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? she's beautiful smart and sensible. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's extra value menu. the simple joy of having more to love. ♪ ♪
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in southern california... who's some parents in southern california... who are now bending over backwards trying to get it removed. hiring first amendment yoga classes in public school aren't flying in public schools in southern california
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trying to get it removed hiring first amendment attorney dean boyles saying the new program violations separation of church and state but the district superintendent says changes have been made removing any cultural or religious references in that yoga curriculum. we are going to look closely to be sure there is no religion in the program. >> to say it's watered down or defanged of its religious tenets is simply in this case not true. >> the program funded by a yoga nonprofit group is supported by most of the parents and the students. starting the classes in january, students apparently are much calmer. >> that's yoga. >> see what happens. facebook and google teaming up to help you live a little longer. >> they are giving millions of dollars to scientists who are working on cures for diseases and extending life. >> i think that our society needs more heroes who are scientists and researchers and engineers. and you guys are doing all the
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amazing work. and the thing that we can do from the sidelines is build institutions that celebrate and reward and recognize all of the real work that you guys are doing. >> other sponsors include google cofounder sergey brin and apple's art levinson. so far the group has raised over $30 million for what is called the breakthrough prize. a michigan woman wants to be honest about her age but facebook just won't let her. and her name is marguerite. there she is. she is legally blind. she is 104 years old. but she has a facebook account. why not? every day her granddaughter updates the facebook account for her except she cannot update her grandmother's age. >> i would like it say she is 104 on facebook and april 19th in a couple of months she is going to be 105 years old. >> well, facebook doesn't have 1908 available and keeps moving marguerite's birth year to
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1928. the granddaughter has even tried getting in touch with facebook boss mark zuckerberg. but her grandmother is still 99 in facebook's eyes. you can fib a little bit when you're 100. >> she's proud of her age. why not show it? coming up, are the as one step closer to moving to san jose? >> and on shaky ground. how the lead detective in the oscar pistorius investigation could jeopardize the case. plus. >> it's turned into a scene of drunken revelry. >> a bay area neighborhood undergoing a rebirth. why some are fighting its sudden popularity coming up. >> days are numbered for homeless encampment in the south bay. we'll take you inside next.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald credibility issues, how the
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lead detective in the oscar pistorius investigation could derail the case. >> police are forming a plan to raid a ballooning homeless encampment in san jose. we're live at the scene. >> cool and dry around the bay area right now. will it stay that way on the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you ride ace train expect delays this morning especially at stockton up to 20 minutes. we'll tell you why coming up. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, february 21. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:01 your time now. new this morning the oakland as may be one step closer to moving down to san jose. there's a tentative set of guidelines out for the baseball team and kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom with all the details. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning. we want to make note that this is news coming straight from the "l.a. times" this morning. well, the story does not mention any specific guidelines but it appears the guidelines do not address the big


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